Praktikum England

Gecko Programmes are leading specialists in business development, project management, skills and workforce development across the UK and internationally.

English language & cultural awareness training

During the first few weeks of the programme, participants undertake a two week programme of English language and cultural awareness training, as well as carrying out a number of cultural visits to places of local interest.

Work placements

Gecko offer a structured internship programme which ensures a professional experience from the participant’s first arrival in England:

  • Host companies are preselected to match the participant’s qualifications, experience and expectations.
  • We will initially accompany all interns to their work placement to ensure that all parties are happy and understand the requirements of the internship.
  • During the internship, Gecko staff  will be in regular contact with both participants and hosts to make sure that everything runs smoothly.
  • Where necessary, we will visit the host together with the intern.
  • We will ask for feedback forms from both the participants and employers to ascertain whether things can be improved for either or both parties.
  • At the end of the programme Gecko will provide a final report based on all of the information gathered during each participant’s internship.  Gecko will also provide participants with English language certificates where appropriate.

 Examples of available internships



Architecture and autoCAD

Graphic Design

Flyer, poster and marketing design

Building Design

Building engineering design and autoCAD


Animation and production techniques


Productions and workshops


Music workshops and production

Social Work

Working with disabled groups

Community Work

Various work with women’s groups


Biological and geological surveys


Ecological surveys and administration


Water testing and data analysis


Participation in research projects


Direct marketing and web marketing

International Marketing

Surface coatings


Office administration for import/export


Modern art gallery and venue


Pens and calligraphy


Restaurant for cooks and waiters


Community college teaching several languages


Participants are housed in private accommodation within a short distance of the city centre. The houses usually have four-five bedrooms, a communal living space e.g. a lounge area and/or dining facilities, a garden, a fully-equipped kitchen, and bathroom(s).


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